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Physical Characteristics
Homeworld Laituur
Habitat Jungle, mountain
Average Height 1.8 meters (female), 2 meters (male)
Skin Color Blue, purple
Hair Color Hairless
Eye Color Black, blue, purple, gray
Traits Spines and horns, rapid healing
Social Characteristics
Languages English, Tuura
Cultural Practices
Cultural Exports Tribal tattoos
Total Population 5 billion

Frequently referred to as Mad Triangle Men, although some find this designation offensive. Laituurians are easily distinguished by their blue or violet skin and keratinous horns, usually arranged in a triangle configuration.

Laituurians are extremely physically resilient, and their hyper-fast metabolism enables them to rapidly heal injuries that would easily kill other beings, provided they ingest enough food.

The people of Laituur have faced exploitation and enslavement at the hands of both the Space Orks and the New British Empire, and Laituurian slaves are still held in Pirate Space and certain of the Mezz Pact Systems (including Kazzin, although it is technically illegal).