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Laituurian spacer
Homeworld Laituur
Language Laituurian, English
Average height 2 meters
Skin color Blue
Hair color None
Distinctions Cranial horns
Average lifespan 100-150 years
Famous members John Solomon, Lugubrius Raxx

Sentient beings native to Laituur whose oddly geometric skulls and inscrutable tribal customs led early Human explorers to nickname them the "Mad Triangle Men." Laituurians are roughly humanoid in height and body shape, with three-fingered hands, iridescent blue-to-violet skin, and long craniums frilled by a triangular configuration of horns.

Their home planet is under the colonial rule of the British Empire. As a result, most Laituurians have names of Anglo-Terran origin.


Laituurians are most easily distinguishable by their three horns, arranged around the head in a roughly triangular configuration. Once thought to be solid, they are actually hollow and porous, concealing elaborate sense organs for sound and smell. Male Laituurians often grow additional smaller horns as part of the aging process.

A lesser known characteristic of Laituurians is their durability--bones are nearly three times stronger than the average human, and injuries heal rapidly as the body is flooded with fast-acting hormones. Laituurians have been reported to recover in under 24 hours from injuries that would have been fatal to humans and other beings.
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